Triulzi Glass Washers

Triulzi are the industry leader in the production of horizontal/vertical washing drying machines for glass sheets, insulating glass solutions, laminated glass plants, wet powdering units and automatic etching lines. Their machines are designed and manufactured with a... read more

Superfici Flat Dryer Idro

IDRO – fast flash off system for water-borne lacquers. This type of dryer uses infrared irradiation with various wave lengths in the different phases of the process together with forced ventilation. This combination activates the evaporation process from deep inside... read more

Pavoni Mirage 1500

Milling aggregate three or more interpolated axes, for dry machining or by automatic lubrication pumps and holding tanks, made of various materials: marble, granite, glass, wood, plastics, aluminum and alloys. Particularly suitable for works of art and funerary... read more

Fratelli Pezza Easymarker UP

The sand-jet marking machines allow to carry out a permanent mark on the glass in a very cost-effective way and that’s why such technique is best performing and definitely preferable to laser and ink printing. Our semi-automatic marking equipment EASYMARKER has been... read more

CMS Idroline

A proper cutting robot, designed with specific structural solutions for water-jet cutting technology, so as to ensure superior technological and productive performance. Extremely rigid fixed column gantry structure, designed to ensure long term maximum accuracy. This... read more

Bovone 471

An automatic, 12 spindle straight line bevelling machine with cerium polished bevel and a pencil edge grinding on the edge. The grouped motorspindles for metallic wheels assure stiffness and improve the accuracy of angles as well as the straightness of the bevel. The... read more

Abratech Vacuum Snake

The Glass Machinery Company offer a range of vacuum suction cups, including being the exclusive agents for the patented design for the ‘Abratech Vacuum Snake’ shown in the video below. Take a look, and see how versatile this solution could be for your…... read more

Superfici Counter-Flow Dryer

COUNTER-FLOW DRYER UMI-UMA Through-feed flat dryer for the flash off or drying of lacquers. Inside the dryer an optimum environment is guaranteed to ease the flash off or, if requested, to achieve the total drying of the lacquer layer. The system generates a... read more

Landglass Flat Tempering

LandGlass are one of the Worlds leading manufacturer of glass tempering furnaces for the architectural, furniture, household appliances, automotive and solar glass markets. There are 10 product series and currently more than 1000 LandGlass tempering furnaces in... read more

Buxtrup Insulating Glass Line

The small Buxtrup WS800 insulating glass production line is suitable for the production of model panes with a straight supporting edge – a benefit that pays off, comprised of the following components. In-feed with manual washing station for washing off most noticeable... read more