Macotec Float Cutting Tables

Automatic high performance cutting table, for straight and shaped cutting of monolithic flat glass featuring high performance in both cutting speed and accuracy, together with very low-noise operation. These critical features are achieved through the incorporation of high quality mechanical components together with digitally controlled bridge and cutting head movement. This Star Cut model’s productivity and reliability are further enhanced through the use of a rigid, light weight aluminum cutting bridge driven by a helical gear rack and pinion system; the innovative ‘Click & Cut’ revolving tool changer and the option of either a “cup” or a “peripheral” wheel for ‘Low-E’ edge deletion.


Mistrello Racking

Officine Mistrello manufacture glass racking and handling solutions. From simple semi-automatic motorised racking to fully automatic stock management and loading. The Italian manufacture is well respected and can offer bespoke solutions for most glass factories. The...

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Bovone ELB 102

The Bovone ELB 102 is a 10 wheel machine for producing flat and arris profile. The main movements of the machine are controlled by PLC from Siemens. The main working parameters are set and visualized through an operator interface. Edge removal is set adjusting the...

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Cms Brembana Vertec

The Brembana Vertec from CMS is a vertical CNC for drilling, countersinking, milling and notching. It has 4 interpolated axes + 2 tool change axes. It is equipped with two directly opposed electrospindles which are cooled with both internal and external water...

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Easymarker UP on Tour!

The Glass Machinery Company recently took delivery of a Fratelli Pezza easymarker UP, a small but useful sand-jet marking machine, for carrying out a permanent mark on the glass, with minimal use of abrasive (approx. 1000 workpieces per 1kg of abrasive), with the...

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

We would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and all the very best for 2018, another year has flown on by. Christmas closure is from the  22nd December 2017, until the 2nd January 2018. All the best from all us all and see you all in...

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