CMS Aquatec

A revolution in CMS Tecnocut product range: accuracy and reliability. CMS Tecnocut introduces AQUATEC, a groundbreaking new waterjet machine suitable for glass, metals, advanced materials and stone of any size and shape. The design differs from other waterjet machines in that it has a gantry structure and the cutting bed is completely separate from the rack and pinion bridge assembly. All made in Italy.

Benteler Portable Driller

The BENTELER Portal Drilling Machine is a reliable process drilling machine and especially suitable for larger sizes of coated and uncoated glass. From one spindle pair up to max. two spindle pairs, the portal drilling machine covers all usual products. CNC-controlled... read more

Bent Tempering

LandGlass are one of the Worlds leading manufacturer of glass bending and tempering furnaces for the architectural, furniture, household appliances, automotive etc. There are 10 product series and currently more than 1000 LandGlass tempering furnaces in operation in... read more

CMS Speed Twin Head

Double your production with the Twin Head Speed horizontal CNC. Simply load two pieces of glass together onto the machine bed and they will be processed simultaneously. Effectively you are getting the output of two machines but only using half the factory floor space.... read more

Bovone ELB 102

The Bovone ELB 102 is a 10 wheel machine for producing flat and arris profile. The main movements of the machine are controlled by PLC from Siemens. The main working parameters are set and visualized through an operator interface. Edge removal is set adjusting the... read more

CMS Profile

The CMS Profile is the complete vertical glass processing CNC work centre. It has 4 interpolated axes and 4 correction axes for executing milling, drilling, edge grinding and polishing. One of the main advantages of vertical processing over horizontal is shortened... read more

Benteler Seaming Line

Achieving fast cycle times with minimal tool wear characterises our Seamer. Our machine concept combines high durability of grinding tools, short set-up times and precise edges. The Seamer is particularly used in the ESG-Manufacturing. High precision: Grinding... read more

Bovone ELB 14/45

The Bovone ELB 14/45 is a 14 wheel machine for producing flat and arris profile with a variable mitring group upto 45 degrees and cerium polish. There are 6 mitring wheels attached to the swivelling beam. The main movements of the machine are controlled by PLC from... read more

Fratelli Pezza Ghibli 70 Manual

The Fratelli Pezza GHIBLI 70 manual sandblasting cabinet is the entry level machine for the small workshop. Its compact design takes up little room and it is very simply to operate by means of a foot pedal. The machine is equipped with a high-efficiency filtration... read more