CNC Work Centres

CNC machines have now become common place in the glass industry and have made accurate processing of glass extremely easy. Whether you are wanting to produce simple volume work or complicated shapes, there is a CNC that can help. And as the CNC market evolves, the machines have divided into two types: vertical and horizontal.

Vertical glass processing is now very much becoming mainstream as glass processors realise the potential of the machines. CMS supply the most technically advanced vertical machines in the market and have a culture of constant improvement. One of the main advantages of vertical over horizontal is set-up time.


On the horizontal machine, supporting suction cups have to be manually placed on the machine bed before work can begin. If you are processing a large batch of similar sizes, the time taken is not a consideration. However, for shorter production runs where you need to constantly be re-positioning the cups, time starts to make a difference. With vertical processing, there is no set-up time. The suction cups move to meet each piece of glass no matter what is size. CMS vertical machines fall into two types: VERTEC (drilling and milling only) and PROFILE (drilling, milling and edging). Please click “more info” to learn more.


Horizontal CNC glass processing machines have been around for many decades and many small businesses rely on them for speed and accuracy. The benefits are many and include speed, efficiency and importantly, consistent results. The first piece off the machine will be the same quality and size as the one hundredth. Depending on the chosen specification of the machine, you can expect to perform drilling, milling, disc cutting (upon request), shaping, contouring, countersinking, recessing, pocketing, polishing, carving, engraving and writing. CMS offer two ranges: SPEED and MAXIMA. Please click “more info” to learn more.