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Coating Washer

The BENTELER Coating Washer prepares optimally the glass for the following coating process. Constant
high cleaning results through a combination of high-performance polishing, cleaning, and rinsing zones are

Excellent washing and drying quality:

– Air filtering up to EU 13 with soiling indicator depending on customer requirements
– Spraying zones with up to 10 bar
– Automatic measurement and correction of the water conveyance
– Oscillating disc-type brushes reliably detach soiling and oxide coatings from the glass surface
– Permanent monitoring of the rinsing water quality
– Cylindrical brushes with various bristles types
– Individual configuration of the drying zones


– Customized configuration through modular design
– Motorized glass thickness adjustment
– Special solutions
– Integration into complete production line

Low operating costs:

– Maintenance-free machine components
– Effective separation of polishing and cleaning zones; prevents the drag-overĀ of polishing agents into the washing zones, thereby lower polishing agent consumptionĀ and cleaning effort in the washing zones