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The BENTELER E-Save-Washer convinces with its enormous savings in energy consumption. Thermal insulation measures have resulted in a saving potential of more than 40 %. Automatic self-cleaning additionally achieves a reduction of maintenance effort by 50 %.


Excellent washing and drying quality:

– Separated washing/basin zones; therefore no drag-over of dirt particles
– High temperature mode 65°C

Considerably lower energy consumption:

– Thermally isolated tanks and machine body
– Improved efficiency of the pre-rinsing zone (3 bar acts like 10 bar)
– Frequency power inverter for brush drives (stronger mechanical cleaning)
– Drying by sponge roller instead of air-knives

Low operating costs:

– Integrated disinfection cycle by means of hydrogen peroxide
– Omission of blower and air filter


– Customized configuration based on modular design
– Simple integration into existing production lines

Simple, comfortable operation:

– Low noise level due to omission of blower
– Modern control with touch-screen and advanced visualization