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The BENTELER LAB-Washer is marked by enormous diversity. Its areas of application are found in clean rooms or any place demanding complex washing tasks. The BENTELER LAB-Washer is made completely of synthetics in the washing zone. Its modular design allows flexibility for various application cases. The washing machine can therefore be configured according to your wishes.


Excellent washing and drying quality:

– Assembly in company clean rooms
– Air filtering up to EU 13 with soiling indicator depending on customer requirements
– Spraying zones with up to 140 bar
– Double housing prevents the introduction of machine-induced particles
– Ionizing device
– Ultrasonic cleaning with up to 950 kHz
– Cylindrical brushes with carbon-free bristles


– Customized configuration based on modular design
– Machine upgrade possible

High process reliability:

– Integrated process monitoring at every individual station

Simple, comfortable operation:

– Easy accessibility of all construction areas from above
– Modern control with touch-screen and advanced visualization