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All Maroso autoclaves are designed and built in compliance with the customers’ needs. The aim is to supply a machine, that is able to satisfy each need of the final user since the littlest details. This is the commitment that MAROSO takes on, using the most cutting-edge method of calculation and adequate materials, specialised in different sectors as Composites and derived, Glass, Methacrylate, Marble, Rubber and Food Sector.
Maroso autoclaves are pressure chambers built to grant the optimisation of the different processes of polymerisation through the constant control of the parameters of temperature, heating, and vacuum during the entire productive cycle, in conditions of absolute security and respect of the operational conditions.
Maroso is able to produce autoclaves of different dimensions, in compliance of the customer requests. In particular, our productive range foreseen the production of autoclave bodies with useful diameter from 500mm up to 4200mm and beyond; the length instead can exceed the 15000mm. the pressure and the thermal gradients are in compliance with the customer’s requests.

Assembling rooms for glass and composites
For the glass sector, to complete the laminating Line, Maroso S.R.L. can manufacture rooms able to process Inter-layer PVB as interleaved type (temperature of 18/20 °C) and refrigerated type (5/8 °C). The production is carried out in a space constantly controlled in positive conditions to avoid the presence of dust inside it and to grant the percentage of humidity requested by the PVB, for its better laying and flexibility.
Also for the composites materials sector, Maroso is able to build Clean Rooms (climatic rooms) where the clients carries out the preparation phases of the piece to be polymerised before the cure cycle in the autoclave.

Autoclave Specs