Glass Handling & Storage

Officine Mistrello manufacture glass racking and handling solutions. From simple semi-automatic motorised racking to fully automatic stock management and loading. The Italian manufacturer is well respected and can offer bespoke solutions for most glass factories.

The racks produced by Officine Mistrello are modular and highly customisable whose purpose is to assist in stocking glass sheets, but greatly reducing the space used. The racks are made of mobile frames that glide on rails that compact together and through the operator’s management, create space for the loading/unloading (corridor) operation. In this manner all of the stored material takes up about 1/3 of the space required by traditional fixed stand systems but is very easy to access.

Mistrello automatic loaders are designed for picking and moving glass sheets from the sorters (or fixed stands) to cutting tables. During handling, the loaders tilt the sheet, positioning it horizontally. Then the glass sheet is transferred to the bench using motorized rollers. Options include either single or double sided loaders.