Pavoni Mirage 1500

Milling aggregate three or more interpolated axes, for dry machining or by automatic lubrication pumps and holding tanks, made of various materials: marble, granite, glass, wood, plastics, aluminum and alloys.

Particularly suitable for works of art and funerary objects in general, the pantographs of the Mirage series is very well suited to the production of furniture items such as top kitchen and bath, stairs, tables and shower trays. The machines can use simple and intuitive software among the most modern and advanced for running scriptures engraved and embossed in all Windows fonts, punctures, cuts, nicks, milling, PHOTOGRAFFITI, inlays and many 3D tasks, such as sculptures, sinks, arches and doorways. The automatic cycle program for shaped cutting, grinding and polishing with tangential grinding wheels, allows to work the edges of the plate along its entire perimeter, while the import feature of the most common file formats makes possible the reproduction of three-dimensional elements and drawings, writings, trademarks and logos, engraved and embossed.