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Benteler Twin Driller


The BENTELER Twin Portal Drilling Machine is designed to increase the productivity by processing two lites at the same time. With great flexibility, this machine can handle two products of identical or different shapes, entering the machine simultaneously or one at a time.

High precision:

  • Dynamic CNC positioning of hole coordinates
  • Automatic tool offset and calibration system


  • Simultaneous processing of small glass sheets in Twin-mode
  • For processing shaped glass only one straight edge is needed
  • Two independent pairs of drilling spindles
  • Automatic tool changer with 10 or 20 tool positions

Process reliability:

  • Fully enclosed drilling spindle
  • Separate milling spindle
  • Excellent integration in processing lines

Simple operation:

  • Easy user interface of hole pattern programming
  • Fully automatic programs for drilling and countersinking
  • Data input parallel to production
  • Integration in customised software