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Vertical Glass Washing Machine

The BENTELER vertical washing machine is distinguished by its high washing quality and is available for
different glass sizes. The washing machine is characterized by its good accessibility and high transparency
of the machine body, which is unique in the world.


Excellent washing and drying quality

– Washing with high pressure (up to 17 bar) and high temperature (55 ° C)
– Contour optimized drying nozzles
– Low glass temperature after drying

Low operating costs

– Fully insulated washing zone
– Optional frequency converter for all fans and pumps
– Easy to maintain, due to high quality materials

Simple, comfortable operation

– Easy accessibility
– Simple process monitoring due to a high transparency
– Clear text display in the control panel

Other functions

– On request, glass thicknesses up to 100 mm
– Driven transport and support rollers for the safe transport of large and heavy glass sheets
– Visual inspection
– In-feed conveyor and exit-conveyor
– Can be integrated into line concepts